Thursday, 25 October 2012

All European Dinner

Thursday,October 25th.
Another clear fall day, but the temperatures dropped to the 32°F (0°C) mark last night.
While J.P. was working to convert our sightseeing van into a mini-motorhome I was busy preparing a fall supper for our dear friends, Rogette and William, who took good care of Molly this summer whenever needed.

It will be an "All European Dinner":
Mediterranean soup as an entrée,
German green beans with roast as the main course
and a Norwegian semulepudding (semolina) with cherries for dessert.
How does that sound?

There were some potatoes left and a tiny bit of roast. The rest: GONE!

I had to smile when I saw this photo. Nice plates and glasses - and then what: the Casserole on the table. :))
That's how we had it: very casual!

Recipe for the soup is to be found here, if you like. But you might need a translator.


  1. Your Norwegian fruit pudding made my mouth water. I'm wondering if Mediterranean soup is like minestrone soup.

    1. yes, the soup could be called "minestrone". Though I had no pasta or rice in it. I put a translation of the recipe on my vegetarian blog.


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