Wednesday 24 April 2013

Part 1: RAIN and more birding

I knew it would happen. I shouldn't have done the windows yesterday!

Today it was RAINING cats and dog! Again. UGH!

But before I started on something more sensible, I had to check out the activity at the feeders. I didn't rain that hard yet.
Yep! Some birds were there.
First I sat behind the window (on the right) only to find out that the background was too bright against the grey sky.
For obvious reasons I didn't want to use the flash light. 

This is the result I got within half an hour enduring the cold.A nuthatch, chicadee and sparrows turned out to be the less shy birds around the feeders.
Song Sparrow
Black Capped Chickadee
Red Breasted Nuthatch (rather wet)
In the distance on the lawn a Northern Flicker was about to drill holes.
He seems to think: "UHOH- I am on camera!
After that the rain just got too bad and I had to retract into the house and got back to work. 

I used the rest of the day to sort out some stuff in the storage room. Tomorrow is garbage-pick-up-day. 
To identify the birds i use a page called: all about birds . It also gives you the opportunity to listen into the songs of the bird you are looking at. Once I sat on the porch and 
screen-shot of the page to demonstrate where sound samples can be found
listened to the "mew call" of a catbird on my laptop. Few minutes later one of the real birds was around in the shrubs and answering the call. It probably wondered who and where the intruder was. Funny!

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