Friday 24 May 2013

Even a Blue Jay needs a bath...

Not much to do when it rains "cats and dogs" as the British saying goes.
I moved around from window to window and looked out at the misery.
Noting was going on in my vegetable garden either. Too cold, too wet.
At times it was POURING!
Some didn't seem to bother with the weather at all. Molly was guarding the bird feeder against the squirrels. In the driving rain. Duty is duty!

A Blue Jay happily took a bath in our paint-roller tray that happened to sit outside and had filled up with rainwater.
Time for a bath!
Head first into the water...
for a good rinsing....
A mourning dove, sitting in our apple tree, was watching that crazy lady with the camera.:))

While doing the dishes I happened to see a movement out in our Hawthorne tree. I run on the double to get the camera and took some shots in a hurry! No time to wait, these birds are so flighty and I had not seen this one around until now. Well, not entirely sharp, but I GOT it!
Yellow Warbler, male
Hubby came just back from a shopping trip and tonight I have the choice: a whole chicken, beef stew or hamburger meat are waiting for attention. I have to come up with something.

The final posting from Spring 2006 is up. Where we finally made it home to Alberta.
The next adventure starts in October the same year. Coming soon.


  1. I am sure you will how something together for dinner. sounds like good choices to me.
    Hopefully the rain will let up soon.

  2. It's raining cats and dogs here too. The birds seem to like it but we don't.


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