Friday 3 January 2014

Jungle - what do you think?

The surroundings sure look like a steaming hot jungle. 
Live Oaks branches covered with Epiphytes
flowering Camellia 
Spanish moss hanging from the oak trees

But - it doesn't FEEL like it at all. 

Didn't we try to run away from the freezing cold?
It seems that winter is following us all the way down to Northwest Florida! For the next days temperatures are predicted to fall down to -7°C (20°F) in this area! 
They say it hasn't been that cold for the last 
20 years around here!
Now - it IS MUCH better here than at home, 
but nonetheless. Brrrr. 
It is just a matter of days, I keep telling myself. Soon it will be WARMER again. 
And while we wait we watch....
Hubby (TV) and Molly (squirrels)
and I for another
(cold) weather sunset
There the warmth goes, behind the horizon....


  1. Kathy and I agree why else did we come south other than the warmth. We are further south in the Crystal River area of Florida and even though the temperature says it is warm there is a cold chill to the air. As you also said it is still much better than back home. Maybe it will warm up before we have to go back. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Rick, it looks like it even will get worse before it gets better!

    Going further south (either way) is not in the budget for this winter. But I am already looking forward to another chance. :))

  3. Hope it does warm up for you guys soon.
    We spent last winter in that area and even though better than back home was no the best.


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