Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A halo around the moon - experimenting

The moon - bright and mystical.
I always admire other people's photos of the full moon. 
How I would love to be able to get a good photo of the moon. And I keep trying...

It might not be the best posting, but I do this mainly to remind myself what I did. 

Tuesday night, after a day of high winds, there was a big "halo" around the moon. I wanted to see how that would look like on a photo.
Out I went with my Nikon DX. I clicked the 200 mm tele-lens on and experimented with some different settings.
I should maybe have used the tripod, but I just walked outside and supported my hand against
the camper trailer.
This is the taken in "auto focus". 
The dust ring around the moon is visible, but the moon is overly bright.

Then I tried the menu setting: "people in motion" and was quite happy with the result after I cropped the photo.
The halo was not visible, but the moon was!
I am getting there. :))


  1. Cool. The tricky bit is the try and remember just how you did it, when you get it right.

  2. Beautiful moon shot - I love it! :)

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