Tuesday 27 May 2014

Hummingbird Invasion!

What is going on? Usually I have observed one hummingbird at a time around my feeders. The males fiercely protect their property against intruders. But today the food sources were crowed!
three females at the feeder
I grabbed the camera in a hurry and shot through the bug screen to document that there actually where THREE around the feeder at the same time.
synchronized wings
That has never happened before at my place! Amazing.

I have heard stories that people have had up to 20 birds around there feeders, but that seemed unbelievable to me - until today. Now I see how easily that could happen.
a diving approach
There was a frenzy going on outside. They were swarming around, diving, fighting.
what about landing on top of each other?
And not only at one, no, the other feeder was equally populated. Sometimes I saw as many as four birds around at the same time.
They are just so fast, I could not manage to get that on camera. But I shot about 100 photos in no time.
swarming around the front of the house as well
I am wondering if the delayed spring with its cold weather and few flowers makes the birds hungrier than normal.
Or are there just more hummingbirds around this year?
in for the landing
two male hummingbirds
Tomorrow I will definitely put up a third feeder.
We must keep the hummingbirds happy. They are eating lots of mosquitos and small spiders. 
Ruby throated Hummingbird, male showing colours
while hovering over the lilacs

Stay tuned! There is another heart warming story
coming tomorrow!


  1. Excellent pictures, so nice that you were able to catch all the action.

  2. Fabulous shots, those guys are hard to capture.

  3. Thanks for sharing the hummingbirds - I enjoyed your photos so much!


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