Sunday, 17 August 2014

A Norwegian Visitor

It was about fourteen years that we had seen each other last time. 
Last Saturday I picked up my Norwegian friend Gunn 
at the airport in St. John, NB.
Reversing Falls, St. John, NB
On our way back to Campobello, we stopped to see the "Reversing Falls" in St. John. An impressive show of the tidal currents.
Visiting Hubbert Cottage
The four days flew bye. We managed to visit the Roosevelt Park, the Beaches and Harbours of the Island.
Fascinating murals in St. Andrews, NB
We enjoyed an afternoon in St. Andrews-by-the-sea, NB. 
Full moon over the Bay of Fundy
Of course we had to take a look at the full moon 
over the Bay of Fundy
Boats at high tide
Gunn was impressed about the difference in the tide.
Some times the boats are on the bottom of the wharf,
some times they are way up.
My friends Gunn and Rogette
There was the rose garden of my Canadian fiend Rogette to explore.To her delight we found a snake skin (Garder Snake)
Skin of a garder snake
Taking a shot at the sunset
 On the last day we took another tour up to the light house
and got some gorgeous views of the sunset.
All in all - we had a great time together.
Thanks for visiting, it was delightful to have you here, Gunn! 
I hope you will come again one day.


  1. You took some wonderful pics, Bea. I'm jealous and would have loved to be there. Beautiful Campobello....!

  2. So nice to catch up with old friends. And so awesome of her to come all that way! Now, are you going to head back to Denmark for a visit?

    1. We will see Bob, maybe some time in the future. Norway is such a beautiful country, and I left many friends behind. But that's the way it is. One of my neigbours was pregnant at the time we emigrated to Canada and she said I should come and visit to see the new baby. When I joked "that I would probably make it in time to the girls confirmation" I didn't know how close I was with my guess. This would be next year. Norwegians say: "Troll went into the words." Be careful what you say, it might come true.

  3. Real nice to have friends visit and you were able to spend some quality time together.


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