Tuesday 30 September 2014

Seeing pink elephants?

Some people see pink elephants, I saw - what?
I went like this:

Our area experienced the first rainy day in a long time. 
Grey skies and a drizzle all day long.
When I went out to pick some of my last carrots for supper I realized how beautifully decorated my sweat peas where. 

Every bit of the plant was covered with beads of silvery water. 
 In I went, got my camera and took some shots.
 Isn't that pretty?
Too bad that I cannot bring the fragrance out as well.
 While I cropped the photos my imagination suddenly run wild. 
An animal materialized in all these flowery pictures.
Can you see it as well?
Splashing in all the purple and mauve was a SEAL.


  1. I do see beautiful flower shots and maybe...just maybe, a few butterflies...but elephants? Really?

  2. Half of the Women See More Colors Than the Rest of the People Do

    By Stefan Anitei on June 26th, 2007 18:16 GMT
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