Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Culture Shock

After the long drive we ended up at our "home" in Edmonton.
and it took me a week to get over the "culture shock".
The view now (if I get high enough on the property) 
and then. I don't want to show more, it is too depressing.

Luckily the temperatures have been on the mild side and
living in the camper trailer hasn't been too bad so far.
I did a fair job of cleaning the inside, even if hubby said he
did the job already. It was therapy, just to keep me occupied 
while J.P. was gone on his 12 hour absence to work.

The "his" and "her" view of a trailers inside.

I have not bee around much and therefore I have very limited internet access. 

Luckily I have a pretty good sense of orientation, but with no GPS 
(J.P. uses it in the bus) it is quite a challenge to find back home
with the traffic so incredible. For the moment I avoid driving on
these roads if I can, but eventually I will have to do it.

We have been looking into housing, and so far our search has ended 
with the the same discouraging result. NOTHING.

A minimum one year rent and no pets policy seems to be the 
standard requirement.
And if you think you are lucky and find a pet friendly place, 
the friendliness ends as soon as the pet is above 30 lb. . 
So, our major disadvantages are:  the short term rent and our sweet
dog Molly.


  1. If housing is at a premium, renters are just out of luck, it seems. Lots of times pets are not allowed, but I like people who have pets, and if I was a landlord, I'd allow them, but charge a pet deposit just in case they did any damage. And if they were good, I'd return it when they left. Everyone's happy.

    One year? I hope you mean a lease, and not 12 month's rent up front. I remember when leases were pretty standard in California. It changes as the market changes.

    I hope you will find a nice place soon that will work for you, but in the meantime, your trailer looks really nice - especially after you got to work on it! Oh, well, Peter might not have been as tidy, but he took good care of himself while working long hours in a strange place - so I think he deserves lots of credit. Now he has you to take care of him, so all will be good. Hey, why not stay in the trailer, is it a weather thing, too cold to stay there in the winter? It's so comfortable looking. Molly looks so pretty against the snow. :)

  2. They don't want renters that stay only for a short while. They want someone for minimum a year. I understand that with all the hustle to get a new reliable renter every times the old one moves out. That is not the biggest issue, we could do that, go in for a one year rent. But the BIG dog is the most difficult to wrangle with. I guess we have to shrink Molly into a Pomeranian. LOL.

  3. Good luck with finding accommodation, maybe a Motel room by the month with a small kitchen????

    1. No George, we tried that too. No pets, or no pets for long term rentals.

  4. Well, I vote for Molly and not for the stupid 30lb rule.


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