Monday, 10 November 2014

One night at a time

The first really cold night is over.
The nigh was -17 (wind chill -24)
View with above freezing temperatures,
bubble wrap on the sides.
The bubble wrap isn't that bad at all. The only window part that was frozen this morning was the part that was NOT wrapped. Under the wrap it was ice free.
Frost on the window; the wrapped up parts are ice free.
The floor was "warm" when I checked with my hand.

The only thing that is uncomfortable it the air coming out of the furnace when it starts again.
Ice cold air - before it gets warmed up. I guess we cannot do anything about that. But when it runs it is cozy warm.
View by -17C (1.4F) and wind-chill -23C (-9.4F)
So the normal will be: long-johns, woollen socks, warm sweaters are the normal. Bundle up in layers it is.

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