Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bacalao - Pollock Soup

There was not much rain, maybe a drizzle around noon and the sun was back by 3 PM and we could do some work outside. I went shopping and bought fresh Pollock for dinner. It was time again to have some fish on the menu. 
Dinner today was again our favourite dish " Bacalao". I don't want to repeat myself therefor: for the recipe see post: August 10, 2011
Es gab nicht viel Regen, nur ein paar Schauer um Mittag herum und wir konnten doch noch ein bißchen draussen arbeiten. Ich bin dann auch noch einkaufen gewesen und hatte mir Köhlerfisch (Polock) zum Abendessen mitgebracht.
Na klar, es gab wieder unsere Lieblingspeise: "Bacalao".
Ich will mich auch nicht wiederholen, das Rezept steht im Posting vom 10. August, 2011.
Det var ikke mye regn, noen byger rundt middagen men ikke mer. Vi kunne da gjøre noe rundt huset alikevel. Jeg var på handletur og kjøpte noen lyr (pollack) til middagen. Ingen tvil her -  det ble vår egen "Bacalao" igjen. 
Jeg skal ikke igjentar meg, oppskriften finner man i bloggen fra 10. August, 2011.

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