Saturday 14 January 2012

Bridge closed - for ever?

Back in Holtville LTVA and there is only matter that is on everyone's mind. 
The closed access over the bridge over the irrigation canal on Evan Hewes Hwy north/east of ramp 131,  115/van der Linden Rd. 

The only paved access is from ramp 143 via the old Ewan Hewes Hwy. And that is a bumpy 12 miles (20 km) ride. (We did that coming back from our trip to Quartzsite and Joshua Tree Park and my whole pantry shelves came down.

A 12 miles ride west on Ewan Hewes Hgy from ramp 143

Otherwise you would have to go rough over sandy, rutted desert roads. We cannot do that either with a car trailer behind our 40-footer. One thing is for sure. I am watching the weather forecast like a hawk. Come rain we have to be out of hear before the road convert into mud lakes.
After a rain storm..
One thing I want to explain here. It is not the bridge itself that is damaged, it is the access road entering the bridge from the East. Recently someone climbed under the bridge to have a look and he said that the ground is washed out and you can park a car in that hole. So - it is serious. A heavy vehicle could make the pavement collapse at any time.
That was when we came, now access to the bridge is closed with heavy concrete blocks

They would have to fix the "Aggregate Base Course". (that is: The layer of material immediately beneath the pavement. It may be composed of crushed stone, crushed or uncrushed sand and gravel, or combinations of these materials. To provide the service intended it must be uniform in strength to support the pavement. 
Source for explanation.

Our LTVA host is now gathering email addresses. He will send out a message to inform people if the access to the bridge is fixed or not come September 2012.

Die Straße über die Brücke ist nun mit Betonklötzen völlig gesperrt. Die Trasse unter dem Asphalt and der Brücke ist ausgewaschen. Nun kann man kann nur noch über eine alte Seitenstraße zum Camp fahren, oder durch die Wüste.  Wann die Zufahrt wieder geöffnet wird steht zur Zeit noch in den Sternen. Vielleicht zur kommenden Wintersaison, vielleicht auch nicht.

Veien inntil camp området er no fullstændig blokert fordi bunnen av veien er vasket ut av regnværet. Nå må vi tar enten en gammel landevei eller gå igjennom ørkenen. Og det er ikke sikkert om det vil bli reparert til neste saison begynner.

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  1. I agree in that you definitely want to get out of there before a rain storm comes. That mud doesn't look like fun to drive through or to live in either way.


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