Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Garage clean-up

The big garage clean up. We were probably inspired by other bloggers who cleaned their garages and garden sheds already. :))
Today it was our turn. When J.P. set up his new work bench, I thought for a moment:
that could have been my gardening table...

Pottering with seedlings and so on. But no, it is hubby's territory.
It is like in corporate world. The boss gets the corner office with lots of windows. 
Do I sound frustrated? Yeah, maybe a little. 
I got a mere bookcase and a dark corner behind the door for my tools and stuff. No window space. But if I need to, I will sneak in some pots. He will not be working there every day.

While he was busy bringing everything outside I dug up the spot by the garage door and made a nice flower bed. A friendly neighbour visited and later donated a piece of a "bleeding heart" to plant, and I divided some "Shasta Daisy" (Ox Eyes) and got that in as well. One little rose bush is sitting there already.
before and ....
After all was done it did look not bad at all.
Hubby wanted a hamburger and cabbage in white sauce today. No problem.

Tomorrow we have to go to St. John and visit the endocrinologist.

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  1. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to agree with you. You need the corner with the windows. You could have your own little greenhouse there. That's what I'd want it for.


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