Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Lesson in Dog Language

This is what we had for dinner today. 
Asperges, Ham and Mashed Potatoes
But I rather want to tell you about Molly giving me a lesson. I learned some dog language!
This morning she was sitting by the edge of the deck stirring into the rafters above.
Walking over I asked her: " What do you see?  Is there a mouse?" 
(squirrels range under the same word in her language)
She vigorously wagged her tail and stamped her front paws.
I looked around the deck but couldn't see anything. 
"No, Molly there is nothing. It probably has taken off over the roof." 
As I was about to turn away Molly did something she has NEVER done before. She GROWLED! 
Mom! Grrrrr! It's in HERE!
I turned around again. "Where is the mouse? Show me!" And she pointed her nose towards the opening of the down-spout at the corner of the deck.  "Is the mouse in there?" 
Again she growled!
OK. I banged on the plastic pipe and - yes, there was a chattering noise from inside. I banged several times on the pipe and finally the squirrel shot out of the opening! Molly was in a frenzy to get hold of the critter, but of course, it was way faster than the dog. Up in the apple tree it went. 

The squirrel save high up in the apple tree
Molly below the apple tree and keeping an eye on the squirrel. 
(I took this photo last summer, when she was guarding another squirrel.)
Done for the day!
And I learned that my dog actually can "talk" to me.
Molly hat mir heute genau zu verstehen gegeben das sie ein Eichhörnchen gesichtet hatte.

Ich konnte erst nichts sehen, aber auf meine Frage wo genau es denn sei, deutete sie mit der Schnauze auf die Öffnung des Regenrohrs und knurrte leise. "Da drin?" Wieder knurrte sie. Aha, dachte ich und klopfte auf das Rohr. Tatsächlich konnte man von drinnen deutlich ein Piepsen vernehmen. Als ich dannein paar mal  kräftig auf das Rohr klopfte, schoß das Eichhörnchen wie eine Kanonenkugel aus der Öffnung - geradewegs and Molly´s Maul vorbei und ab in den Apfelbaum.
Damit hatte Molly wieder eine neue Aufgabe. Sie legte sich  unter den Baum und bewachte ihn. Irgendwann war das Tier dann auf der Rückseite des Stamms heruntergeklettert und weggelaufen ohne vom Hund gesehen zu werden.

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  1. Dogs are so much smarter than they are given credit for. They know lots more than we think.

    Your dinner looked great. I think I'll go to the market tomorrow and see if they have asparagus. My mouth is watering.


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