Sunday 20 May 2012

Springtime Sunday

Apple blossoms
What a gorgeous day we had. The air like velvet and all colours so vibrant! I just LOVE springtime!

Chickadee catching a larvae
After breakfast on the porch I puttered a little more around in my garden. Later, J.P. went off with Molly driving around the island and shooting over 100 of photos. Lots of good shots!

I particularly like the one where the chickadee gets a larvae out of the apple blossoms. THAT really shows the advantage of having these little feathered helpers around. Same thing with our hummingbirds. They don't only drink sugar water, but eat a lot if mosquitos as well.
The afternoon was spent with fresh waffles and reading two books about Tasha Tudor's garden. Delightful reading. What a dream of an old fashioned cottage garden.

For dinner I made oven baked chicken breast with peaches and cilantro.
I surrounded the chicken with the content of a can of peaches. Both fruit and syrup.
Seasoned with salt, 1/4 tsp of curry and crushed coriander (cilantro) seeds.
Chicken breast and peaches on a bed of rice
My own composition and we both agreed that this was a very good combination. It needed a little bit more "ompf". Maybe I'll add some crushed chili next time. Have to think about it.

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  1. Chicken and peaches? What a great combination. I love the chickadees with the blossoms. What a great photo!


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