Tuesday 9 October 2012

Leftovers and Vegan Mix

Yesterday I wondered if tomatoes could be mixed with something
other than cucumbers or lettuce. After some research I found a kind of
African salad (sambal) with bananas. That would do.

J.P. got a "revived" pork chop, leftover from yesterdays dinner, potatoes and boiled carrots, whereas I gorged myself on bulgur wheat (tabouli) and African sambal.
Tomato Banana (African Sambal)
Bulgur Wheat Tabouli
Of course, he had to try. Bulgur tasted to him like brown rice, and the
African salad disappeared like snow in the sun. :))

If you want to know how to cook pork cops, I have a description somewhere here.
And for the other stuff : that's to find on my "vegan" page.


Tomatoes are 'stroke preventers'
A diet rich in tomatoes may reduce the risk of having a stroke, according to researchers in Finland.


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  1. I recently heard on the news that eating tomatoes can cut the risk of stroke in half. The tomato and banana salad sounds interesting!


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