Monday, 25 March 2013

Propane, Pizza and Plans

 What did we do all day long? Not much, I fear. The most important task was to get the propane bottle refilled.
We went from one side of town to the other because the first place didn't have a competent person around to do the job.
The second had.
Thanks. You made us a happy camper!

While walking with Molly I took my 200mm lens and tried to get closer to the bushes where the cardinals were holding up. These bright red birds are so pretty!
Good try! The robins were more trusting, the cardinals weren't.
Well, this is the closest I got before they took off. 
About 21 yards (20 m).
All afternoon we checked and re-checked weather sites and web cams for the I-81.  The weather seemed not to have improved much.
I like these sites where you can plot in the state and road to look at the stretch you actually want to drive. Great stuff, with these web cams.

The other site is a site where you can find accommodation, RV- parks or boondocking sites per state. One site shows all wally-marts per state
and another click (on the small square button behind the state) shows which one allow overnight stay. Red one don't.
For dinner we did a copy cat (Suzy and George), pizza it was.
Tomorrow we'll take off again and try our luck.


  1. Red Cardinals are one of my faorite birds. I've only seen one and that was while visiting a friend in North Carolina It was sort of washed out looking and the friend said it was a female.

  2. Have been seeing a lot of Cardinals lately, such beautiful birds.
    Thanks for the recommendation.
    Amazing how a picture of food can give you a craving or help you decide what to have for dinner, looks yummy.


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