Sunday, 24 March 2013

It is time for hunkering down

And it happened again.
We thought we were smart and would be able to outdo Nature. HA!
We run across the continent  to stay ahead of the bad weather only to realize it was impossible. The thing is: weather systems don't stop and sleep. Eventually they catch up to you.
 Dark Blue = 30F (-1 C)
The big COLD has engulfed us. There was no way out.
But we can count us lucky, there is no snow predicted for Forrest City, AR. Just a strong, cold wind.

What did we do when we finally had "to show the white flag"?
Hunkered down and made the best out of it. It won't last forever!
The trailer kept rocking in the wind, we kept the furnace running, read, went online or just relaxed.
Molly, just relaxing...
The only chore I hated today - walking the dog.
Lots of migrating birds milled around on the grassy part of the campground looking for earth worms. In the distance I saw three cardinals, unfortunately too far away for the camera lens.
American Robin
Common Grackle
European Starling
3 red blobs - Cardinals in the distance
Not much fancy eating - just some devil's eggs, salami sandwiches and a hot "cuppa" peppermint tea.


  1. I added that weather map to our favorites bar. Your lunch looks healthy and good too.

  2. You can't hide from the weather, we are just going to relax here hopefully and wait it out.

  3. Hope it finally passed through for you!!
    great looking lunch...


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