Sunday, 12 May 2013

Container gardening and another casserole

Saturday I went to a local container-gardening course held at our local school.
About 10 women and some kids showed up to learn how to make
a tomato container and a potato tower. We needed 5 gallon buckets,
drain tile and a piece of a clear hose.
Instructor Lauris L. in action..

Molly cuts the lid in shape...

Diane and Rogette watching Molly assamble the  bucket.
this photo is borrowed from the net so that you can get the idea

As it turned out, we all had the wrong drain tiles (we should have brought the flexible one), but nonetheless, the workshop was very interesting and we had a lot of fun. 

The fog lay thick along the coast and it rained the whole afternoon.
Molly and Tessa are waiting for the crumbs..
The best thing we could do in this kind of weather - indulging ourselves with good food!

A variation of the salmon casserole. This time with grilled chicken, shrimps and bell peppers.
Our guests from Germany enjoying the good food we ladies 

I also added two more pages about our earlier travels....
About our stay in Seadrift, TX , and visits to Goliad, TX and Victoria, TX.

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