Thursday, 16 May 2013

Progress in the garden department

Can you emagine? About this time last year we had a new project on the go. I wanted a vegetable garden patch. Hubby did me a favour and constructed two raised beds on a former raspberry patch, that had gone totally wild.
About to pull out tree roots with the Jeep.
The first raised bed is filled in. (April 2012)
May 19, 2012 , all is planted and fenced in against
hungry rabbits
This year I decided to fence in twice the size of the original patch and add two more beds. With four garden-beds I am able to do a proper annual crop rotation. Hubby hasn't had time enough to make new frames around the beds. But my makeshift framing keeps the soil from
moving downhill with the rain. Seeds of peas, radish, spinach, lettuce and parsley are already in the ground.

The rest of the area will be used for a new project.
Container gardening. Wait a couple of weeks and you will see. 
The new patch, fenced in and waiting for the plants.
At the birdfeeder was an intruder. A squirrel had jumped the distance from the tree trunk to the saucer. I will have to double the distance.
Uh-Oh! I am on camera!
A new chapter in our former travels i up. We have reached April 2006 and are on our way North towards home ( that was Alberta at that time). We drive towards Wichita KS and further on to Denver CO and Montana, visiting friends along the road.


  1. I love vegetable gardens. We can't really have one where we are during the summer. The deer would eat everything. Thus, I have a small little greenhouse. I'm trying some vegetables in it this year. We'll see how they turn out.

  2. How nice to have so much room for a garden. I used to love planting tomatoes, lettuce, zuchinni, etc. The squirrel photo is pretty funny. They DO find a way, don't they?


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