Tuesday 23 July 2013

Red Currant Jam

I was just telling my hubby: "If I were supposed to live off my postings I would be starving".

There are too many prolonged times of writers block! Sigh.

Although there is always something to write about it seems to be so unimportant at times. And the fear of a "repetition" is there all along.
"Didn't I write about that already"?
On the other side: isn't life mostly a repetition of actions with a new thing interspersed now and then?
Well, before I get too philosophical I'll stop right here!
(This is taken on the black top of my ceramic tile stove, hence the black background.)

Today I was invited to pick some red currants at a friends house.
I rushed over because there was a threat of rain in the air and we picked about 2 pounds of the bright red berries before the downpour started. Whew!
Now, 3 hours later, the cleaning, cooking and filling of jars is done and I can look upon 5 jars of currant jam! A nice treat.
There are many flowers out in my garden. I love to take photos of them and I created another page just for the fun of it.
My Peonies that died on me in the spring because of blight. I was devastated. But after I cut the plant back it surprised me with new growth and seven new buds. 
Therefore they all bloom now in July. 
(Of course it has to be raining on them, isn't that the case every year, whenever day they start blooming -you can bet on, it starts raining.)
And now - it is pouring down!
Good thing that I cut the lawn yesterday and I don't have to water the garden today ... :)


  1. What you forget is, even if you did write about something already, there's a good chance nobody is going to remember. Not me, that's for sure.
    Love those red currents.
    It's a lot of work for a few bottles of jam (this I know) but in the end it's always worth it. We've done a half dozen jars of strawberry so far this year.

    1. That's the sad thing. Nobody remembers. And I thought I would do a better job! :))
      By the way, I love strawberry jam, but it always stays runny when I make it. GRRR. Not this year. I had 3 berries so far. Not enough even for a jar!

      As an afterthought :))
      Currant refers to: Plants. Ribes, genus of berry plants, e.g.
      Current (stream), currents in rivers and streams.

  2. Your current jelly looks beautiful. I'm going to be making rhubarb-strawberry jam when my sister gets here. For some reason I could got o your new page with the flowers. ;(

    1. Yum. That sounds good. Did you freeze the rhubarb?

      Sorry for the "flower pages", it worked when I checked it before publishing.
      I copied another link into it. Please, try again, it should be working now.

  3. If you posted something a year or so ago would have forgotten about it already. So an old posting could be a new posting.
    Your jam looks yummy!

  4. I have never made jam, but my mom used to make apricot and strawberry and blackberry jam with that paraffin wax on the top. It was really good. We stored it all in a lower cupboard that had holes in the back to the outside. (Seeing your jam brought back some nice memories.)

    I don't know why I've never made any. Maybe that's in my future. Your current jam looks delicious.


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