Friday 2 August 2013

Fog Fest and a photo-sandwich

As ordered our Islands first "Fog Fest" started out "foggy", of course!
We went to two musical arrangement and had a good time.
Harper's Mae, vocalist
Just the right arrangement we needed around here in that kind of weather.
Phillip Albert, jazz piano
Coming back late I just chucked the diverse vegetables, cold pork roast and potato/rice into a big pan and had a stir-fried-like supper ready in no time.
The evening was squandered away with "Gimp". Not an easy way to photoshopping (I can tell you, Barbara). It is a program for IT-folks, but I finally got it to work somehow. I sandwiched to photos! Don't ask me how.

1) Sunset

2) Moon

3) Moon with Sunset sandwiched
Not too bad for squandering away an evening....


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous photo. I hope you'll remember how you did it for the next time you want a "photo sandwich." (Did you coin that term? I've never heard it before.) It looks like just one shot - great job!

    I also love your fog photos - I guess because I love fog. We actually had some here at the lake when the huge storm started yesterday. Thunder, lightening, hail, rain, fog. It was something. :)

  2. A fun way to spend and evening playing with your photos, good job.


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