Thursday, 1 August 2013

Greens, Gras, and Spiders

Summertime brings a lot of fresh produce out of my garden patch. Nothing compares to vegetables when it comes to the "real" stuff. They just taste different, better.

There is a lot of green on our plates. Luckily my dear husband agrees heartily to that.
No such gruff remarks like: "Men don't eat vegetables", or "That's rabbit fodder".

Here a two of  my variations.
Baby-Iceberg lettuce
Leaf lettuce
Collard greens
Carrot (shredded)
Bell pepper, yellow, cubed
Apple, sweet, sliced
Summer Savoy

Salt, pepper
Lemon juice
Vegetable Oil

Baby-iceberg lettuce
Old cheddar, shredded
Bread Crumbs, (croutons)

Salt, pepper
Lemon juice
Vegetable Oil
Coffee Cream

The other day, after a rainfull night, I saw these patches on the lawn.
My curiosity got the better of me and I went out to take some photos of it.
It were spider nets, like circus tents artfully build between and over the grass straws.
I was hard to find a spider itself because there disappear as fast as a lightning when someone approaches the trap they have build.
One photo showed a spider just about to vanish into her hiding hole.
Then I went online to find out what it was about.

Quote: "These spiders are commonly called "Grass Spiders" because they build funnel-shaped webs, which are not sticky, close to the ground.  The spider hides in the narrow end of this funnel, which is usually protected by leaves or rocks.  When an insect, spider, or other small creature crosses the wide end of the funnel, the spider feels the vibration and rushes out to grab the prey.  Funnel weaver and grass spiders are incredibly quick, and can dash from the protected part of their web to the other end at lightning speed. Funnel weaver and grass spiders are beneficial predators.  They very rarely leave their webs, so they don't often enter homes."


  1. Salad looks awesome and thanks for the spider info too.

  2. Your veggies look beautiful. I agree - I eat as much fresh as I can.

    Interesting about the spider. I'm all for any spiders that don't enter houses. The photos of their webs are neat. I'd never seen on of those. :)

  3. Your Vinaigrette dressings look interesting. I'm referring to the peanut butter and the coffee cream.


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