Monday, 4 November 2013

Today's Outlook

-1°C (30,2°F), but sunny.
I walked around the house and took some shots out of different windows. 

View from the upper window towards north-west, Eastport, Me.
... towards south-west, foam caps on the water.
..east, the garden is now permanently in the shade of the large trees.
..view from my kitchen window. Just ignore that s&^# power pole!
Glowing red in the sunshine, rose bushes at the border of my garden.
First ice on the brackish water near Herring Cove Beach 
Cold out here, but beautiful!

I went back in the afternoon when the tide was out again. 
See the difference.

In the frozen air bubbles, pebbles and tang along the waters edge I think I saw ....

... a bird's face


  1. Excellent photos, looks pretty cold, thanks for sharing!

  2. beautiful photos, my first visit here, the pumpkin you cooked today sounds really good too, ( I have been reading a few of your posts, I will enjoy coming back to follow your adventures, what a beautiful area you live in,

    1. Thank you Laurie, and welcome! I checked your blog as well. Very beautifully designed. Wonderful photos and drawings. I will be checking in on you from time to time. And, yes, it is beautiful here, at least in the spring/summer/fall. How the winter is, I don't know yet.


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