Sunday 1 December 2013

Now and then

What a difference mere there weeks can make. The leafs are gone and we made it to December.

The "season" is over us again.
When I was young I was used to go Christmas shopping in December. I went quietly around with my list and got all my errands done by Christmas Eve. The mood was full of expectation, festive.
I borrowed two photos to explain what I remember.
Now I don't go x-mas shopping any more.
Be it Grey Thursday or Black Friday.
I watched some video clips, though, and whatever you think:
people turned into a greedy, screaming crowd, manipulated by advertisements, just grabbing as many items as they could is disgusting.

I have no desire to participate in this kind of crazy frenzy.
I never did and I never will.

That is that.

Still at home, still not sure whether we will go south or not.
Today it is mild. Just 5°C (41°F) and NO wind for once.

I thought I give you an idea about how it looked like when I glanced out through my windows this morning.
November 4th versus December 1st: 
garden view early November
and this morning...
view out of my kitchen window..
view this morning...
...and out of the bedroom upstairs. 
OOPS, is J.P. going berserk on the car, or???
 I run downstairs and out of the back, he was just chopping more firewood. Whew! LOL

Windy and cold at Liberty Point.
That was a cold day, -7°C (19°F) and strong wind so that the wind chill it felt like -11° C (12° F).

After the wood chopping he was ready for his favourite German winter dish:
Kale, caramelized potatoes and smoked pork chops.

That is it for today.
Stay warm were ever you are!


  1. It sure looks cold, cold, cold. We were out and about on Black Friday. We didn't see any crowds at the mall or any madness.

    1. Good for you. Maybe it is all a hype of the media. Sells a lot better that way.

  2. It does look cold there, I think you should think more about heading south. In the meantime, keep warm!

  3. I don't mind the cold too much if I get to live in a well insulated house. Hope yours is.
    Looks cold, but that's the way it is. Enjoy your day.


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