Monday 19 May 2014

Back to "normal". Rainy, cool, foggy.

What looked like the start of the summer was just a tease. 
We are back to "normal", that is a cool, foggy, rainy type of weather.

I took some photos on Friday and on Sunday to show the difference.
 The cormorant seems to live on the buoy.
It is always there when I walk by.
Also in foggy weather.
Eastport, seen a few days ago, in clear weather
 Same view today, no view, fog.

Did someone tell the weather god that it is May and NOT September!
Spring is cool, but the trees are beginning to get green.

 But my veggies are growing indoors! :))


  1. Soon you will get some nicer weather, it has just been a long time coming this year.

  2. Keekabooo. type of weather.

  3. Love the bird on the buoy photo!


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