Thursday 10 July 2014

Happy Days - Happy People

What a joy being back into a normal life! Shower, cooking, laundry, vacuum, phone/internet, you name it!
You don't know what you have until you are deprived of it!

I am very thankful for all these utility workers who really did, and still are doing, a tremendous job getting us back on the grid as soon as possible.
And just in time to be able to watch the semi final match of Germany-Brazil and Netherlands - Argentina! Not that I am sports crazy. But when it comes to the final on Sunday - I will be watching!!!
And YES, there is a bridge over to Campobello Island.
The Roosevelt Campobello International Bridge.

The other day I got a phone call where someone inquired if they had to take a ferry over to our Island. When I asked what direction they were coming from the answer was: Bar Harbor. That is coming up from the south-west. No need to go to Eastport, ME and take two ferries to get over here. Just take the bridge from Lubec, ME!
If you come from Canada, say St. John, then you can take the ferry. But, the ferry runs only from the end of June to the end of September. The rest of the year you have to go into the US (Maine) to get on to the island. 
Back to a normal life - I had more visitors. Betty and John from Ontario came to stay over at our place.
Yesterday they were enjoying the company of my friends Rogette
and William. Both couples discovered that, many years ago, they
used to live in the same area, just a few miles apart from each
other, but never met until now.
Reminiscent of time long gone they talked about where they used to
go shopping, who was who, who might still be around and they had great fun in each others company.
Afterwards we made a trip to the Lighthouse.
Last week I waited, together with another couple, until the sand
bank was passable to get over to the island where the light-house
sits on, and then we climbed into the light tower.
View back from the top of the light towards the  parking lot.
No way to walk over by high tide
The water is subsiding, the sand bank appears

As you see it is only assessable by low tide. It took an hour and twenty minutes from when we arrived until we finally could
walk over.
From there on you will have about 4 hours to stay on and visit
before the waters rise and cover the sand bank again.

Yesterday we only had a peak from the main island towards the light house.

Some whale watchers were out on the waters too.

Now I am on a new project. Betty was so kind as to show me how to make a rug out of plastic bags. Here is my first evening worth of crocheting...
A new rug in the making....


  1. Looks like life is good now on the island, exploring and friends visiting, enjoy the nice weather.

  2. Oh make me so home-sick! Nice work with tha shopping bags!

  3. It can be a small world after all. Crazy how they lived so close but never met until on your porch!


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