Thursday, 17 July 2014

Weird and weirder.

The last four days has been very wet and foggy.
We had a lot of thunderstorms coming through. Sometimes the window panes were rattling and the whole house seemed to reverberate.
It got to the point that Molly decided enough is enough. She decided to hide in the bathtub. She has never done such before.

Today we had the first dry day. Returning from a walk with Molly I approached the van from back. What is that???
I saw a strange pattern on the rear door. That hadn't been there.

Upon a closer look it seems as if water has got behind the paint.
I have never seen such before.

We had LOTS of rain, but hey, isn't that weird?

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  1. Poor Molly - I'll bet that bathtub with the curtain covering it felt like a nice, safe place in the storms. I just hate it when dogs get scared like that.

    I have seen that water thing before, but it was on a wall in a house I owned. The water seeped down and bubbled up under the paint. We had a leak in the roof. Bummer. I hope the van will be easy to fix.


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