Saturday 30 August 2014

Fall is in the air

Yesterday we had the last day of 82F (27C), my last chance to give Molly a bath and dry her outside in the sunshine.
 She is not overly enthusiastic about it, but most dogs aren't.  Even the once that like to swim in the ocean.
 As soon as the word "bath" is out they look miserable.
All fluffy and clean
She might look fat, but she actually lost weight. Last year she brought 61 lb (27 kg) on to the scale at the veterinarian's office. This year she is down to 57 lb (25 kg). That's ideal for a dog her size and age (10 1/2).
The rest is all fur.

And right I was. Today the temperature was just above 70 F (21C) in late afternoon. In the night it dipped for the first time under 50F (10C) and the morning with a brisk north-westerly wind felt like "fall was in the air". Soon the trees will start turning red and yellow.

If anyone remembers my garden project from last summer (from square to linear).
It turned out fine and the flowers are profound.
Just the way I had envisioned it. They cover the whole fenced area.

That was about two weeks ago.
And this is today.
Cosmos and Pot Marigolds, corn in the background
And they will bloom until the first frost, and long after the vegetable garden is cleaned out. So beautiful.
I have taken a lot of seeds already, my next years bloom is secured.
Gardening is such a pleasure to me.
Except the couscous, all produce are out of my garden. Tomatoes, beans, parsley, dill and garlic. Dinner for one.


  1. I, too, love gardening, mine does not look as wonderful as yours does, just starting out slowly, don't want to get overwhelmed and give up :) Love all the cosmos, forget about them and have to get some and put in.... lovely lovely....

  2. Falis in the air here too. Dinner looks very tasty.


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