Thursday 11 September 2014

Another day of gorgeous fall weather

While other parts of Canada experience the first touch of winter we at the coast have still nice late summer days.
I have been busy with my two jobs and had not much time to blog a lot lately.
The "summer people", as the Islanders call them, have started to leave. Same with the birds. One or the other humming bird is still around, but many are already on their way south. The black berries finally are ripe and mountain ash trees are full of red berry clusters.
That is a sure sign that winter getting is closer.
Today's produce: tomatoes, carrots and squash
I cleared a little in my garden, took the chicken fence down, pulled some of the old plants out and weeded. It's not the end of the season yet and there are still carrots in the ground and tomatoes on the wine.
The should-be-a-bread-thing
Tried to bake a bread in a borrowed bread machine. That didn't turn out too well. And yes, I read the manual first. :))
Went through my receipts to figure out what I had spent through the last four month. I guess I was frugal enough to please myself.
And last not least I keep enjoying a cup of coffee and a brownie on the deck.


  1. Back when I lived F/T in Maine, we loved our bread machine so much we had to get rid of it - 20 lbs gained in two months! At no time during the possession by the infernal machine did we ever turn out a lump that looked like that, Bea. Just what in heck happened?

  2. Glad you are still enjoying some nice weather, getting chilly here in Ontario.

  3. I'm behind in reading blogs! Love the last photo of your house and yard - looks so pretty!
    Connie and Barry in Delaware


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