Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The painting on the wall

This year I finally got bell peppers to grow, I got two small ones and one cucumber. I guess this is because we had a very cool summer compared.
The tomatoes didn't care, they grew and there are about 20 more hanging on the vine.
I had another great dinner mostly made of the produce of my little garden patch.
The other thing I am proud of is that my last years trial of propagating Hydrangeas did work.
One of the little plants came up with one delicate pink/blue, lacy flowers head. Yeahh!
Now I have just to find the right place where it shall be transplanted to come next spring.
The evening grew cool and I ventured inside, looking out through the window to see how the setting sun painted orange and yellow shades on the foliage.
The low standing sun did not only set a glow to the greenery outside, it also painted on my sitting room wall!
Just look.
I had great paintings of modern art on the wall - and all for free!
Sunset painting on the wall
I was able to enjoy the extraordinary paintings on the wall for just a few minutes.
Then the sun sunk behind the horizon and all went dark.

Beauty is all around us. We have only to look and see.

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