Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Relaxing? Enough is enough!

After the Holidays are over and 
the New Year is only just around the corner
there is a lot of time for relaxing. 
 ZZZZ here and zzzz there.
And more zzzz
It is contagious too.
Don't you dare wake him up! Or? 
Finally, Molly got enough of it.
She picked up a bone (just any item does the trick). 
That is her sign for:
Let's go for a WALK!

Who can resist that face.
Out we went into the freezing, beautiful afternoon.
The walk was just about an hour long.
Then it got too cold for me,
though Molly didn't care. She had her fur coat on.
Back to the warmth and a warm dinner.
Content she went back to the den, in the corner by the bed.
Nighty, nighty!


  1. It's so beautiful there! Molly is such a cutie pie - I could NEVER resist that face. I remember my dogs getting little balls of snow around their paws and legs in the snow, like little snow marbles. When we came inside I had to get them off, or they would melt all over the house. I don't see any on Molly's paws.

    Happy New Year, Bea, to you and Peter! And Molly, of course. :)

  2. Brrrrrr Cold but Beautiful!!! Happy New year to you and Peter

  3. I'm FREEZING here in Southern Arizona - can't even imagine what you guys are going through !!


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