Friday 9 January 2015

Grouse or what?

I have seen the signs in the snow.
Small foot prints or wing marks. 

They seem to walk all around the campground
 and forage around the shrubs and trees where
the snow cover is thinner and seeds/berries are 
to be found.
 One of these days I scared a whole bunch 
of them out of their hiding place from under a dwarf pine, 
when I approached the bathrooms early in the morning. 
Frrrrrrr, frrrrrr sounded their wings when they took off.
I guessed that it must be some kind of chickens.

Today, when I walked Molly, I suddenly saw them.
A flock of chicken like birds on the ground 
about 40 m (43 yards) away. 
Of course, no real camera handy.
But, I remembered my cellphone.
So, I got some photos of them, but the
built-in camera is just a joke for long distance shoots.
I guess they were some kind of prairie grouse.
They took off before I could get a closer look. 

I would have run too, because that approaching "monster" 
looked pretty scary! Laugh!
-18 C (WC -34C )

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