Friday 4 May 2012

Before and After

Springtime means many hours of gardening and I love it. After so many month in the desert it is just too good to be out in the green and dig in moist soil.
Here I speak for myself, of course.
Front last year
With scaffolds, tools and heavy boots trampling around all day not many flowers would have survived the onslaught of a renovation going on last spring..
before I started digging the turf up

Therefore many had to go into exile. The only one I did not move was a peony. They hate to be moved at all. 
I know, there is a deck skirting missing, but if I had patiently waited until hubby decides to fix this my plants would have to sit in exile several years. So.
Any landscape artist would have criticized my rigid style. A curving flower bed would have done way better. Well, next year is another chance. Enough of bone breaking turf digging for this year. My dream is something like this:
my dream border...
While I was battling with more raspberry roots J.P. was doing art work. He painted a mock window with curtains on the front of the work shed. NEAT!

J.P. created his own mural! 
When supper time came we both were pretty hungry. At five I retired my garden tools and threw a chicken breast into the baking oven. Filled with Cheddar cheese.
While the chicken was baking and the rice was boiling I came up with a weird recipe for a spinach salad.
Tipsy Spinach Salad with Oranges. If you want to know how to make one, see here.
Nothing was left after the meal. That says it all.
Now it is time for the couch!

Bin zu müde zum übersetzen, sorry!

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  1. I put little orange pieces in my salad. I love peonies. They are one of my favorites .... well, along with a dozen others.


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