Thursday 3 May 2012

BBB - Bugs, Beans and Bread

Springtime brings beetles and other bugs out from their winter hideaways.
While I was working in the soil of another flower bed I dug up all kind of grubs. They were placed close to the bird feeder hoping that my feathered friends will find and eat them.
Suddenly this one, the size of a ladybug, scurried out into the sunlight.
Now there are good beetles and bad ones. The Mexican beetle f.e. is unwanted in the garden, eats all the young sprouts. Curiosity made me take a photo of it, and searching around on the net I found out that it must be a dogwood leaf beetle  - Calligrapha philadelphica. Usually you capture the animal in it's natural habitat, but it didn't want to sit on a grass straw, had to take it on my hand. Therefore the odd background.

Dinner: fresh string beans, (I made them before), potatoes and  hamburgers for J.P.
Wile I am writing a heavenly aroma emanates from the kitchen: Hubby baked a bread. Yummy! (And a "mouse" already nibbled at the crust)

Der Frühling bringt auch die Käfer und Maden zum Vorschein. Als ich heute in einem neuen Blumenbeet die Erde bearbeitete fand ich diesen interessanten Käfer in der Größe eines Marienkäfers.
Da es wichtig ist zu wissen ob es ein Freund oder Feind ist, wurde das internet konsultiert. Ergebnis; ein Laubkäfer. Na, hoffentlich geht der nicht an meine Salatblätter.

Zum Abendessen: Frische grüne Bohnen, Kartoffeln und Frikadellen.
Aus der Küche strömt der gute Duft von frischgebackenem Brot. J.P. hat heute seine Backwut.

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  1. Nothing quite beats homemade bread but we can't eat just one slice.


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