Thursday 17 May 2012

Bunny alarm and pancake for dinner

Bunnies are cute, but I don't like them near my vegetable garden. This morning when I came out there was one unaffected of my presence right in the middle of the lawn. Without fear it hopped away into the brush.
I walked straight over to check on my growing spinach, lettuce and carrots. They were still there! But, J.P had to put the fence up! And he did.
got a fence around my veggie garden
With door and everything while I was filling my second garden bed with soil.
When our Co-op-Store starts selling garden plants, in about a week or so, we willl be prepared. Later I was trailing the internet for garden plans. How to plant what -where and when - companion to whom - enemies to another- and so on.
highjacked 1
highjacked 2
For dinner we were out of everything and had to compromise.
J.P. came up with a German dish of pancake with bacon, and I made a salad.
We both grew up with this simple dish. Usually eaten at noon or for supper.
My mom used to make this, or macaroni dishes, at the end of the month when the food budget was running low.
Hubby is the one who makes the thinnest pancakes. Mine are always to thick for his taste. So he did the job.
Working on the skillet...
...building up a delicious layer of thin pancakes

4 eggs
bacon bits
apple slices (optional)
vegetable oil
Make a pancake mix out of eggs, flour and milk. Heat oil in a skillet, sizzle some bacon bits for 2 minutes, and pour one ladle at a time into the skillet. Move the pan up and down so that the pancake mixture runs around and fills the whole space. Cook until one side is lightly browned. then flip the pancake over and brown the other side. Slide the ready cooked pancake off onto a warm plate and repeat the whole process until all of the pancake mix is used up.
Served in layers. Sprinkled with sugar or eaten with apple sauce.
Side dish: a carrot salad or any other lettuce salad.
At my mom's we even had these pancakes as side dish with a hearty vegetable soup.

Replying to Ms Sparrow's comment: yes, it is amazing how many spices I have, now that you mentioned it. Some I use only once in a while, others constantly.
My father was a chef, so I grew up with all kind of "strange" spices and never thought much about it. When I started my own household I naturally stocked it with the ones I knew from home, and added on whenever I tried a recipe that used something else. Usually it works fine with salt, pepper, sugar, vinegar, fresh or dried parsley. But for the special "kick" I go for the special spices. This winter I started for the first time ever to use coriander (cilantro) and cumin. Had it in my spice department for quite a while, but never used it.


  1. Terry can eat pancakes at any meal. He loves them. The problem is that they have lots of carbs so he has to be careful.

  2. Hi Hobbea (is your name pronounced Ho-Bee, Hob-ee or Hob-ee-Uh?)
    My mom was Norwegian and she used only salt and pepper for spices but we ate cream and butter instead. We would sometimes have pancakes for supper too. Nowadays, with our taste for Italian and Mexican foods, that seems very bland. I have started using cumin, dried parsley, turmeric and a few other spices.
    Those pancakes made my mouth water. Like Wanderin, I try to watch the carbs so I rarely eat them.


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