Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Having a cup of tea

Contemplating the last 48 hours.
Philosophically seen I would say, this is part of live, like a river: slow flow and white waters. 
View of St. Stephen, NB
Yesterday, while being in St. Stephen, I bicycled around town and checked out the local garden centres and other interesting stores. 
One in a while I enjoy window shopping, especially when I have plenty of time and nobody is rushing me. I was having a nice cup of coffee at Tim's when J.P., coming from St. John, finally caught up with me. At that time the sun had disappeared, and rain drizzled out dark clouds. Time to go home.

If yesterday drained all energy, the grey, rainy weather today was not better. 

Projects were balling up, with stress level high, and temper fuses short. 
Fog, view of a neighbour's house
No good at all for the peace of mind.
J.P. was  worn-out  and choose to retire early.

While thick sea fog is rolling in over the island, I am sitting in the quietness...

...sipping a cup of tea and listen to the dogs gently snoring, catching up with reading the blogs.

Dinner today was a "man" made composition: a pasta casserole. Comfort food. No vegetables.

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  1. No vegetables? That isn't like you, Bea. I know you love those vegetables. Sometimes the fog brings more than just a foggy day. Love the photos you take of Molly but then I'm a dog person.


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