Monday, 7 May 2012

Sparrow, Salmon and Strawberries

In the morning we had an involuntary little guest. A birdie that hit the window sat for a few minutes dazzled on the porch. After a heated discussion we found out it was a white throated sparrow.
White Throated Sparrow
Closer you cannot come to take a photo, I guess.

J.P. went shopping today and came back with a piece of fresh 
salmon and strawberries. In Norway we were used to have 
salmon and have strawberries with cream for dessert. 
True to tradition wrapped the salmon in aluminum foil 
and J.P. put it on the grill. Meanwhile a salad was prepared 
and the strawberries hulled.
When we sat down for supper hubby said: "Dette er et Kongemåltid!" which means that we dined like Royalty.
salmon seasond...

...wrapped in aluminum foil, ready for grilling.

grilled salmon and a crunchy salad

Ingredients: for 2
1 lb salmon filet
1 lemon, sliced
1 garlic wedge, sliced
salt, pepper, dill to taste
1 tblsp sour cream
The salmon was seasoned with salt, pepper, dill. Small pieces of garlic and lemon slices were place on top of it. Before the foil was closed around the fish a dollop of sour cream was added. Grilling time about 20 minutes.
Served with potatoes and a nice, crunchy salad.
Dessert: fresh strawberries, the "cream" was substituted with yoghurt.


  1. Being raised right on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, salmon was the food we always had in our refrigerator. It was something we took for granted then. However, not so today. Most of the salmon available is farmed. I don't buy that. When we went to Finland, salmon was so plentiful I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I also had strawberries!

  2. That sounds so simple and delicious. I love salmon - and strawberries.

  3. I used to prepare salmon once a week when we lived in the Netherlands. It was ALWAYS fresh. (Het is 'Zalm' in Nederlands. It's 'Zalm' in Dutch)
    Had it a few times here in Vienna, but it wasn't quite fresh enough for my liking, so we sort of gave that up.
    Has to be fresh for my wife and I, since we're not really big fish eaters.
    I used to do it in a foil "boat" (not closed up) on the grill, with a mixture of shredded garlic and olive oil on top. A little salt and pepper as well. It then tends to cook in the olive oil, which collects around the fillet. Yummy.
    Your method sure looks good too.


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