Sunday 6 May 2012

Rocks & Pork Chops

I thought I had published my banana muffins posting yesterday, but obviously that didn't go through. I remember checking it on "preview" but maybe I forgot to press the "publish" button. Therefore I have two postings today. "Delicious banana muffins" and "rocks & pork chops".

Signs of spring are not only the budding flowers and green grasses, but also that more and more summer residents arrive. It's like migrating birds. One after the other find their way back to their summer residences.
the ones we have already in our garden..
and the new addition, nearly as big as a cabbage.
Hubby went on a photo safari and gathered another round rock for our garden. There is something magical with these nearly perfect rounded rocks. It is amazing what waves can do to a rugged piece of stone. Rolling and rolling for an eternity up and down the beach until they are round as a ball.

Exposed to lots of fresh, salty air and sunshine he came home pretty hungry. Time to get some food on the table. We divided the chores of preparing supper among us.
J.P. grilled some pork chops and I cooked the side dishes. There was a particular apple-orange salsa that caught my attention.
For the recipe see here.
apple-orange salsa
It tasted very good in combination with the pork chops, and the rest of the salsa disappeared as dessert when hubby mixed it in his yoghurt.
Pork chops with apple-orange salsa

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  1. Every time you post all those pictures of your food I get hungry. I guess it's time for another snack. If I gain more weight, it's going to be your fault!!


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