Tuesday 5 June 2012

Just a grey day

Done with the Queen's Jubilee I went on to see if I could get a glimps of the Venus traversing the sun.
That was "nixed". No sun, just a heavy cloud cover. Now I will have to wait until 2117 before it happens again! Uhg.
That was all of the sun we saw today...
What did I do else? Washed down the ceiling and walls to prepare for the painting job. The next thing will be to give the ceiling a new coat of paint.
Then I will move on to the walls.
Stripes or no stripes - that is the question.
Not really.
Hubby doesn't want to sleep in a striped bedroom. There is no question about that. End of discussion.
The good thing is that the small room will look good in white. That way I can change the curtains and bedding colours any time.

Not much more happened.
I had a nap in the afternoon. When I awoke J.P. had come back from shopping and a pizza was sizzling in the oven.
Easy dinner for me.

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  1. I wish we'd get rid of our cloud cover too. It comes and goes. I wish it would really go. We're tired of the rain.


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