Monday, 4 June 2012

Pepper Mill Refill

Today was the day where I decided to refill  my three spice mills.
I know, there are not the fanciest one and could easily be replaced by new ones, but I am the type of person that does recycle if possible.
Even the egg shells (but that is story for another day).
The thing with one of these pepper mills is that the refill happens maybe once a year. I always tell myself time and again that I will remember how it was done; just to find out that I forgot how I did it when I have to do it next time. Very annoying.
But - this time there will be no forgetfulness. I will pen it down in my blog- and just pull it up when I need it next time. How is that?
The mill for the steak-mill is easy - just screw the lid off and refill.

The pepper- and salt shakers are the culprits.
I recall the first time when it took me nearly an hour to figure out how to get the top off. I gathered all kind of tools to squeeze, push and pull. Nothing would work.

Then, in a final attempt to get it off I used both hands and screwed at the lid AND pulled at the same time. THERE! Done! Salt and pepper rest flew around, but the lids came off.
Now I create my own spices-melanges.
One: a pepper melange with all kind of colourful pepper seeds.
 The other: my personal mixture for steaks: pepper seeds, jalapeño pepper seeds, dried garlic, parsley root, a few coriander and cumin seeds and sea salt.
And the third (former used for sea salt): as a crusher for cumin and coriander seeds only for Tex-Mex or Asian style foods.
Now I don't need a pestle and mortar.

For lunch I felt for something with tomato.
Since we love tomato soup we had a tomato bisque.

How to make it see here.


  1. I hadn't thought to use a pepper mill to grind spices together. I buy from "My Spice Sage" and things like the Ajwain Seeds could be blended... We used to grind up our egg shells and feed them back to the chickens... adds to their calcium intake. Probably wouldn't hurt human either ;-)

  2. I know what you mean about those simple little jobs that you don't do often enough to remember how to do them. I keep saying I'm going to keep a file on my computer but I have to get around to it first!

  3. We had a set of salt and pepper grinders that we shipped over with us, and they finally wore out a couple years ago. Since then I've been buying the disposable kind. Well, at first I thought they might be refillable, but it turned out they weren't.
    When I looked for a new refillable set, the price was just a wee bit too much for me. Besides, I think I have at least one more set tucked away back home.


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