Friday, 22 March 2013

Travel Day 5, March 2013

Long days on the highway. The sunny skies, the heat and the beautiful desert landscape of the West stayed far behind.

Here the sun had a hard time to penetrate the wintery grey clouds.

Agriculture dominates the view. Oklahoma's soil is particularly red and many rivers we crossed show signs of the drought.
After a long morning ride we stopped to give Molly a break and us a "refill".

My dear husband volunteered to "fix" something easy for lunch before we went on, and on, and on.

Tomorrow we will enter Arkansas. Hopefully we can stay as long as possible south of the frigid air.


  1. It sure does look cold and dreary in parts of the U.S. I'm glad that we're in the "blue" colored part because the weather is gorgeous where we are in central California.

  2. Keep on travelling and hoping for good weather.
    Drive safely.


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