Sunday 14 April 2013

A Gloomy Day. Let's Go Birding!

Common Grackles
Two days ago I put up two bird feeders - a self-made one and a open nesting box. It didn't take long before the first guests arrived. The weather was grey and gloomy as I sat behind the living room window with no ideal light to capture the birds. 
They were about 15 - 30 feet (5 -10m) away; always on the move and fighting for the seeds.
(Click on the photo for a bigger view.)

My patience paid off. Suddenly there was a drove of birds around.... 
   A Nuthatch on my self-made feeder (made of: mayo container)
and on the ground ....

A Mourning Dove (Junco in the background)
Black Capped Junco
Song Sparrow
Than I went to the back of the house and captured some more....
Uups..that is not a bird. A squirrel.
Mrs American Robin accompanied by...
Mr American Robin
And the best shot of the day: 
A Blue Jay eying the seeds and landing on the nesting box to get there!

Birding is fun!

Now I have to go and make supper!


  1. Is a Gracle the same as a starling, ...just be a differet name? I really like yur bird feeders. Great job catching that blue jay! Beautiful

  2. I love the birds. I also love your bird feeders!!

  3. Wonderful pictures today, thanks for sharing!

  4. Great photos, and the last one of the jay is fabulous! Yes, birding is fun, and keeps us out of trouble. :)

  5. Thank you Paulo and Nené! I had a peek at your blog and I am impressed how many travels you have done all over Europe and how many wonderful things you have seen and taken photos of. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your page.
    P.S. most impressive: the chapel of bones.

  6. Feeding the birds is such a rewarding hobby. And if you're lucky, you'll attract a few animals too!


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