Friday, 6 September 2013

Canine Body Language

While preparing dinner today there was a low whimpering nearby.
Turning my head I observed our dog Molly laying on the floor. 
-Dogs are laying on the floor all the time.-
Thinking nothing of it I turned back to my duties. 

Some minutes later, another whining. This time it was LOUDER! 

Finally, it hit me, Molly was trying to tell me something VERY IMPORTANT. 
Look at her body language....
In a perfect angle towards the empty food dish. 
"HEY - mom! Will you take a look. It is EMPTY!"
Obediently I went and filled the dish with her dog food. 
Molly went and checked it out.
"Naaah - that's not good enough, mom!"

I topped it up with some cooked potatoes and carrots.

Another check was made.  
"OK. That's fine, thanks." 
Happy dog.
Afterwards: Nap time. ZZZZZ
The End


  1. Hi Bea.

    A little follow-up to the "Lungenbraten" conundrum.

    Here's a recipe from the website of Radatz, which is a chain of deli/butcher shops throughout Austria. I went to the one on Neubaugasse roughly every week for over three years.


    Now, this is admittedly pork tenderloin, but I used to order steaks cut from beef tenderloin. "Rindslungenbraten".

    I think if you copy and paste that into your browser, it should take you to the site.

    Oh, better yet, I just found this site giving all the cuts of beef, (according to the Viennese at least)

    I actually wish I had found that one a few years ago!

  2. Dogs sure are smarter than people give them credit for.

  3. Molly is so pretty, and so smart! Love the photos of her. Katie does the same thing if her bowls are empty. She doesn't eat very much, though. She's so small.


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