Monday 16 September 2013

Project: Square or Linear?

If you wonder what I have been up to lately - here is the my newest project: nothing more than the re-arrangement of my vegetable garden. 

We had some grey and cool days last week and they seemed perfect for heavy garden work. This is a view of my veggie garden taken in early July 2013.
Now the fence was been taken down and the wooden poles came out. 
While my dear hubby was busy making two new frames, I pondered if my square-formed garden was the thing to continue with. 

I moved the new frames around and looked at it from different angles.
Finally the decision was to arrange the new frames in one line with the old ones. 
If seen from the house, the street and from upstairs, it looks way nicer that way than having the garden plot "slap dap" sitting in the middle of the lawn.
The following photos show what I have in my mind. 
Right: the lay of the square garden, left: the lay with the future linear garden. Viewed from upstairs and from the road. 
No blockage, just open lines and views. That's my thought anyway. 
J.P. wondered who would ever look out of the window upstairs? 
Well, I do for example! 
To me it always looked odd and now I had the chance to do something about it and the new arrangement will look way more balanced. 
Next came several days with pushing the wheel barrel to and fro between a heap of soil and the new frames until both were filled up.
No, this is not an alien, it is I, in my garden attire. :))

A peek into my tomato patch. There are still many green tomatoes coming up the next couple of weeks. The potato harvest was good. Enough for two month or until we go south again. Spring was too cold and the corn got a late start.
Well, worst case they will make a nice decoration for Thanksgiving Day.
I like to mix flowers and vegetables. As the harvesting goes on and the spaces open up there are still pretty flowers to look at until the frost takes them down.

If I am not here - I am in the garden!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Looking good I think the arrangement is yours and should be the way you want it.

  2. Great garden Bea! - in answer to your question. We are going first to Oak Harbor, Washington to stay with Joe Spiker for about 5 days and then he will join us to travel to Kalama, Oregon to stay with Jeri and Terry for a while. Then Jeri and Terry and Doug and I are doing to Oregon Coast together before we part for place in California. Us to Park Sierra and then to Southern California.

  3. What a great garden! The tomatoes and potatoes and flowers are all doing so well. It really is a wonderful way to spend time, better than meditation, I think. :)


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