Saturday 14 December 2013

The day before the first big storm

All day long we were informed about the 
Nor'easter that will hit the region on Sunday. 
Lots of wind and snow is predicted. 
As of today it is sunny, but cold -16°C (3,2 °F). The clouds are not supposed to roll in before evening.
Rather than to fret about it
I choose to see the pretty side of this vision. :))
Overnight we got new "curtains" on our
old fashioned windows.
Around noon Molly was getting bored 
and I decided that
it was high time to go for a walk.
We walked towards North Road 
that runs about 11 meters (12 yards) below our road.
It was all abandoned on this Saturday morning. 
Towards the water the raw see air
 covered the wood with
white frosting.
Access to Deer Island Ferry landing.
We went all the way down towards the water.
 The humidity close to the water 
brings lots of ice onto all branches. 

Molly didn't freeze at all. 
She found herself something to chew on.

Sea Smoke, a wintry type of fog, 
was drifting in from the sea. 
An icy wind blew out of the Northwest. 
What a difference just 15 meter (16 yards) in elevation makes. 
Down here it on the beach 
it was several degrees colder than 
at our house.
I stayed long enough to take a good look 
at the icy beauty of it. 
Sea Smoke drifts over the water,
view towards Eastport, Maine.
and west towards Lubec, Maine

Can you even imagine that we had summer 
just a few month ago?

That's all for today. 
We'll see how the upcoming snowstorm will change 
this view in the coming days.....


  1. Ah, I remember that type of frost on the windows of our farm house. *shudder*

    I believe it's called a "Nor Easter" because it's a low pressure cell that spins counter clockwise. So even though it's moving up from the south, it's pulling moisture back around from the east, depending on where you are relation to the direction of rotation. Of course, if you're near water, that means lots of moisture to work with, not just what's in the clouds.

    Does that make sense?


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