Tuesday 14 January 2014

Twenty four little hours later

After another rainy spell we woke up to blue sky and sunshine.
North-westerly winds brought the humidity down to 41%! So great!
I opened all windows and hatches, cleaned out the closets and wardrobes and dried up all condensation.
 Popped up and aired out the mattress at the same time.

I never had to do that in all our camping years in the desert.

I wonder how people do live in Florida with so much water in the air?
There must be a lot of mould/ mildew around in the houses.
And I ask myself: 
What do other campers do staying the winter in Florida for an extended period of time?
Do they have dehumidifiers in their RVs? 
Anyone out there to answer this question?

After lunch we treated us with another day on the beach. We drove to Panama Beach, where I had found out about a dog friendly stretch of beach. 
 We passed endless colourful houses,
 towering condos,
 restaurants and shopping malls, 
the whole nine yards. 
There is lots to do around here if that is your desire.
We finally got to a pier. 
Just so that you find it.
It is around house number: 16200/300, and we used beach access Nr. 56 - 57. 
Nice white sand and a seemingly endless beach.

Lots of beach walkers, only few dogs around. Playing. This one was on the go for over two hours!
After a walk our dog Molly preferred to take a nap in the shade. 
"What a difference a day makes! 24 little hours!"


  1. We love the Florida beaches. We also love the Arizona desert. Wish you were here this year!

  2. The beaches are nice for a period of time, but Arizona is still our favourite place to be.


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