Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Again and again

This morning the cold outside had left our single pane windows pretty foggy.
That was the right condition for my favourite bird to make its appearance in the bush right outside!
A male Northern Cardinal!

Wrong lens attached! What the heck! 
Get it, GET it!

One click.
The bird saw my movement behind the window and was gone!
When I checked the result: 
NOT sharp. Ugh.

Too bad the windows were so foggy and dirty. I should have 
cleaned them, should have dried them.
I should have been more patient, more focused.

Next, there was a female Cardinal on the ground.
 Another dirty window but, the 200mm lens was on, 
the bird much closer to the trailer.

While I was pointing the camera close to the window pane
my breath started to fog it over. Autofocus didn't work! %#$@
And what kind of bird was that?
One of the photos there showed one that
looked like the one I got here on the ground.
So, I guess that it is right.
"A female, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Myrtle". 

That was enough excitement for the morning.

In the afternoon we slowly made it into warmer temperatures. 
Sitting in the sun I found 
that it was downright too "hot" for having a sweater on. 
Though, in the shadows of the trees, a little pond was still frozen.

Later in the afternoon the sky became overcast. 
Everything was all dull and grey, until the sun dropped out 
 of the dark clouds.

Even if it bores you all to death. 
I just HAD to take photos.

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  1. Nice pictures under the circumstances , it should warm up for you soon.


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