Tuesday 14 February 2012

A Valentines Day Cake

Valentines Day!  
That is a good reason to have a party!
Last night there were gusts up to 40 m/h (64 km/h) and I was afraid that this would truncate the party. 
Even with the wind on the breezy side and a cloud cover moving in around noon nothing could stop us.

My contribution is a cake I found in the novel of Jan Karon. 
(Quote from the book:  A Light in the Window): "Esther Bolick's legendary cake..." " Her splendid orange marmalade cake was famed among all the local churches.") 
The descriptions sounded so tempting, that I had to look it up on the internet.

Esther's Orange-Marmalade Layer Cake

I had to make some minor adjustments but it turned out very well.
Doesn't look too bad.
Divide layers with help of a string.
Spoon the syrup over two layers. 
Add the orange marmalade filling.
Add some of the cream to the layers.
Ready - Set- Go!
Lots of cakes and cookies, music and fun.

For the whole story about the party: go here.

Valentines Tag ist mal wieder ein Grund zum Feiern!
Gestern nacht war es allerdings sehr winding, mit Böen um 64 km/h und ich fürchtete schon das unsere Party nichts werden würde.
Heute war es immer noch recht windig und gegen Mittag kam noch ein Wolkenfeld auf aber die Party lief wie geplant.

Mein Betrag zum Fest stammt aus einem Buch das ich gerade lese.
Die Torte wurde so lecker beschrieben, daß ich mir das Rezept vom Internet gesucht habe. Esther´s Apfelsinenmarmeladentorte.
Außerdem gab es noch eine Menge Kuchen, Plätzchen und viel Spaß.
Mehr Photos: siehe hier.

Valentines Dag.
Hvis vi trenger en grund for å feire, her er den. 
Det var storkalas idag med masse kaker, småkaker og mye gøy.
Igår natt var det veldig vindig, med kast av 64 km/h, og jeg frykted at festen måtte avlyses. Idag var det endå vindig og delvis skyet men festen ble feiret.

Jeg laget en kake som jeg leste om i en bok. Det hørtes så deilig ut at jeg gikk på nettet for å finne opskriften til den.
Esther´s Appelsinmarmeladekake.

Flere bilder av partien finner du her.

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