Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tendronitis and a new Blog

I need a rest!
Today I worked until my arms hurt! I was busy copying our earlier travel adventures from an old web page onto a new blog I created today.
We started out as RVers in October 2005.
Our journey was planned as follows:

Form Alberta towards the West Coast, then down to California.
On to the Mexican Gulf and back to Canada.

I published today the first part of that journey:
October - December of 2005.

If you like to take a look go to our new blog: American-Traveler-Snowbirds.
I will publish the other months over the next days/ weeks.

After 2005/06 is finished I will ad our journey of 2006/07 and 2008/09.
In 2007/08 we didn't go south, so there is no blog of that winter.

Enjoy, there are lots of photos. If you a curious what other dog we had: that was "Boomer" (1997 - 2008) our precious yellow lab.

Our rig at that time:


  1. Wow! That's sure a big project you're taking on!! I see lots of computer time in your future.

  2. You will be busy, I found computing using the touch pad and not the mouse is not nearly as tiring.

  3. The link to your new blog did not work for me.

  4. Sorry for that, should be working now.


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